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California Web Album

Well, the first leg of our trip is almost complete, we leave from San Francisco tomorrow morning for Seattle. We’ll spend just about a week in Seattle before returning home to Des Moines, Iowa. We’ve done so much so far on this trip. Make sure you view our web album, to see all the pictures. I’ll be adding more from other people’s cameras too.


First Ice Cream

Mackenzie had her first ice cream cone today, it was Cotton Candy from Baskin Robins, I had yummy Pistachio Almond. Anyways, I just wanted to share the picture with everyone, because it’s too cute!

Also, today I weighed in at Weight Watchers (I’m trying to get to my pre-Mackenzie size), and I’ve already lost 11 lbs! I’m so excited about it, and it feels good to finally start to fit into some of my “normal” clothes.

Mackenzie is now 6 months old, it’s crazy how fast she is growing. She had her second trip to Iowa in early January. The two of us were there just in time to make it to my mom’s birthday dinner. Mackenzie has picked up a few new tricks and a few changes:

  • high fives
  • rolling over to get across the room
  • sitting up all by herself
  • a new tooth (3 total on the bottom)
  • eating solid foods (favorites include carrots and pears)

Here are links to our two newest photo albums, don’t forget to check them out and view all the pictures!

Iowa Trip – January
1/12 to 1/28

A few other things to share:

  • I’ve completed a website, check it out here and let me know what you think. I designed it and put the entire thing together in about a weeks worth of time. I’m looking at making webdesign my main focus other than Mackenzie.
  • Karen has created a blog for her trip to India, check it out here
  • I’ve also purchased my own domain name, and I’m working on getting my website up, feel free to check it out to see what’s going on with it. Right now it just says coming soon, but hey whatever

Happy New Year

I created a scrapblog for our 2008 in review. Check it out by clicking the above picture and come back to leave us a comment. I feel as though nobody is reading, because we don’t get any comments anymore. Let us know what you think!

From Mackenzie November/December

Today Mackenzie met Santa she loved him during the pictures then all of a sudden she flipped. I love this picture! Her second tooth came in today another exciting thing. And feel free to click on the link to check out the entire album.

Mackenzie got her first tooth this week. She was up all night Monday night, and then Tuesday I realized that my baby girl had a tooth that popped through on the bottom. She doesn’t like to show it off, so I can’t really get a picture of it yet.

Four months is also one third of a year. So my baby is now 1/3 year old, crazy way of thinking of it. 

Mackenzie’s new stats:
weight: 15 lbs 8.3 oz
height: 25.5 inches


I’ve found a great new website for selling my items. I like it better than etsy because, they plant trees for items being listed. I still have my etsy store, but here’s a link to my new home at