Okay, so Mackenzie is crawling now, and can also go up stairs…we have to keep an eye on this little one. I need to upload pictures, but haven’t yet (you can always view my picasa site) She can say no, mom, gran-ma, mommy, daddy, kiddy-cat, and she’s waving too 🙂

I finally have my site up! Okay, so it isn’t as exciting as one would think, because I kept changing my mind on the design. Then I got my business cards, and decided that I had to stick to that design. Right now it’s just the home page with links to all my other stuff. s-renee.com

Today I met with Kelsey about the Swap, we finally have location and date confirmed for August 1st at the Des Moines Social Club. I’m totally stoked for it, I know it will be tons of fun.

I’m working on getting a garage sale together to help me earn more money for me and Mackenzie’s trip to California to see Dan’s family, then up to Seattle to visit Dan. If you want to help us along on our journey you can donate to us or buy some Mary Kay from me. Right now everything that I sell goes towards our trip 🙂 Mackenzie needs to see her Daddy.