We would like to assemble 150 bags consisting of about 5 swag items per bag. They will be distributed to volunteers of SORR and to the first 75 people to enter the doors. We ask that each contributer send at least ten products, but more is always appreciated! Please keep the value under ten dollars per item.

A swag bag is a compilation of small handmade goodies. Examples of swag include: buttons, key-chains, brooches, patches, soap samples, magnets, postcards or small prints, stickers, etc. Think about what you would like to receive in a swag bag–it is okay to promote your work but no business cards or fliers unless they are accompanied by a product.
Each artist donating handmade goods will be featured on our blog as they come in with images of your items and contact information.
Please have your creations postmarked no later than May 15th.
For more information, mailing address or questions please email dsmswap@gmail.com.

Des Moines SORR: www.dsmswap.wordpress.com

Official SORR page: www.swaporamarama.org
Thank you!