It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog, but it’s hard when I’m spending so much time with Mackenzie. Lately I’ve been able to pry away for some me time to create, even though I’m creating for her. Soon enough I’ll be creating for me.


At first she isn’t sure about it…but then she really gets into it. This is the tutu I created for Mackenzie, for her first Halloween. This is the second tutu, but now she has a third one that she hasn’t tried on yet. You see the first I made, and then thought to myself I can make this better. And I did, till I thought I’m going to add some ribbon to the elastic around the waist. Big mistake, it only made is worse. Now she has the perfect little tutu that will grow with her for a year or two.


A few more things, I’ve started creating my pouches again. I made a bunch for a swap and have given many of them away, so now I’ve made some to sell. I’m going to start getting things ready to sell and promote myself. I’ll also be doing baby, toddler, and children’s tutus, depending on the size and length will determine the price. One like Mackenzie’s would be $35, very reasonable considering I’ve seen these in stores for $60. Anyways check out my pouches.