On Sunday Dan and I went to Marissa’s baby shower. It was tons of fun, and there was lots of yummy foods! Zack, Melissa’s husband took this photo and I absolutely love it, it’s so cute with all of our bellies touching. I also got some sun at the baby shower which was really nice because there isn’t really anywhere that I can just sit outside and read or anything here at home.

Anyways we’ve past the due date, I’m not worried about that at all. Dan keeps calling though to see if I’m in labor yet, he’s needs to learn patience. Mitch (Dan’s brother) and my mom will both be here on Thursday (which is also Dan’s Nana’s birthday), so if she isn’t born before Thursday I wont be upset. I’d rather have family here, since neither of us have any family here now. My mom is leaving tomorrow morning and is driving here from Des Moines, Iowa.

Another thing, so before I posted my Car Seat Cover post my site only had about 300 views total. After that post and all of the comments and what not going on, I’ve had 525 views on that post alone and 1,062 views total. It’s crazy how so many people have viewed my blog, I was hoping that my blog would bring in people for the things that I sew, but that isn’t how it’s been, oh well. I just wanted to get all that out. Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve made a post, but I’ve just been trying to get things ready around the house. I do have some new things to share, but I don’t have pictures so it will have to wait till later.