Here are our cloth diapers that I’ve been sewing for our little girl. They are pocket diapers, and we have 27 extra smalls all ready to go. These only take me about 30 minutes to sew, and they come along pretty nicely.

I have all of the small already cut out and ready to be sewn, it’s a lot easier to sew them in assembly line form. When I do this, I’ll do about 6 to 9 at a time. Hopefully our little girl doesn’t grow too fast before I get the smalls sewn up.

I should also get to ordering more fabric from and cutting out mediums, but then again she might not need those for awhile.

My favorite diapers are the prints, but they take more time to sew. They are also a little more difficult, due to adding the print outside of the PUL waterproof layer.