This is our new car seat cover, I took apart the original one to make the new one. Instead of creating a pattern (which would have been pretty easy) I just sewed the new fabric over the original pieces and then sewed them all back together. I wish I would have taken pictures as I went, but being pregnant I’ve been absent minded about that sort of stuff.


Here is what the original fabric on the cover looked like. See it’s not very pretty, modern, or even girly for our baby girl due July 14th.


Let me know what you think of the new car seat cover, I would love to know what you think.



Update: Just to let those of you who think that this car seat is an old one, it isn’t. Evenflo makes car seats for low income people and donates them to places that gets them to the people who need them, like me. I’m assuming they use fabric from old styles that they no longer sell. My car seat was made in March of this year, so it is not an old one. Many people have left me comments saying that now the car seat isn’t flame retardant and that I’ve voided my warranty. Because of this, I am going to order a new cover, costing me money, but they will probably just send me another of the same old blue fabric for my little girl. Considering that the doctor is just down the street (a walk away), we wont exactly be in the car very often, and this car seat will be used with a stroller base to get around. Please stop leaving the nasty comments (making me an about to be first time mother very upset), I understand what you are all saying.