It’s been 38 weeks, it’s so crazy. I have so many things to share, but I keep forgetting to upload my pics from my camera. I’ll work on doing that in the next few days. Well here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


  • Sewing Baby Diapers. If you want a great resource for sewing cloth baby diapers, check out
  • Sewing a new car seat cover. The one that we got was totally ugly, I have before and after pictures, and now the car seat has an awesome print from Alexander Henry (one of my favorite fabric designers).
  • Cleaning up and getting ready. Okay, this isn’t one that you really need to see pictures of, but it’s something that I’ve been up to.

About a month ago, Dan and I were at Southcenter and found a black and white photo booth. It wasn’t the old fashioned kind (which is what I wanted). But I don’t know where to find the old fashioned black and white photo booths in Seattle. So this is something from my 25 Thing To Do Before I Turn 26 post.




Oh yeah, one more thing. I totally won a give-away over at the Make It blog. I love this blog, she has amazing stuff, and she documents the process of what she does as she creates her own business.