Today as I was leaving work, I met Amy from LuCoo and she has some really cool designs. They currently have pillows like the one to the right, in four designs, t-shirts, hoodies, and the coolest plush with the same designs as the pillows and the t-shirts. I really loved the plush, they don’t have it on their site yet, but when they get it up, it’s sure worth checking out.

It was nice being able to ask another person in the field that I want to get into questions. She gave me a lot of good resources, and that pushed me. Today I contacted someone for legal advice on getting things started. I do need to create my products, but that’s easier than dealing with all the legal stuff that I need to do. Creating can come when the baby is here, I wont have a lot of time, but I can create whenever she doesn’t need me to feed her or hold her. Hopefully, she’ll love her little swing we got her.