Lets see, my trip was good…but it started out bad. I missed both my first and second flights, it was a bummer, I was crying (I blame it on my hormones) and was really upset that I wasn’t going to make it to see my mom at all. I finally arrived, and all was good (I arrived only three hours late).

I had fun doing things with my mom, and getting ready for my baby shower the days before my shower and my birthday (the 17th). The night before my baby shower, my mom, Kaylynn (my cousin), and I made the most amazing sugar cookies ever. I think it was the frosting that I made that made them so good.

The morning of my baby shower and my 25th birthday (May 17th) I got up to take a shower and get ready to go to get some bargains at garage sales. In the shower I found blood clots coming out, and freaked out. We went to the hospital, and I called my two best friends to come to the hospital. Jen took this picture:

Then it was cool that my mom, Kelly, and Jen all got to see the ultrasound when they were checking on the baby. Don’t worry, everything is great with the baby, and after antibiotics I should be fine. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, to check on my urine levels (there was tons of blood in my urine).

I ended up being an hour and forty-five minutes late for my own baby shower, but that was okay. Everyone who came was excited to see me, and happy that the baby was in good condition. Here are some pictures from the baby shower:

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Kelly designed the shower invitations I don’t have a picture of them, but I will take one, they are so amazing. She also did the decorations for the shower, everything was so perfect, even if I was about 2 hours late.

The rest of my trip I took it pretty easy, but I did get to see lots of my friends. And I had a great time being pregnant around my mom. I think she really enjoyed it too, actually I know she enjoyed it. Here is me with my mom the morning that I left back for Seattle: