Dan and I found this thing to make your own license plate frame, we had been wanting one of these for awhile. We finally found one and had to do “Halibut for Humanity” on it. You see one night we were driving then we pulled up behind this car and I mistook habitat for halibut on a license plate frame that said “Habitat for Humanity”. You see why we needed to make this?

Last night we went out with Dan’s mom and her fiance, and guess what I had…halibut! It was amazing.



28 Weeks

Here I am at 27 weeks (I’ll be 29 tomorrow). Wow it’s amazing how big I’m getting. I’m starting to feel jabbing motions, yeah I’ve been feeling the kicking for awhile, but this is jabbing like the baby is elbowing me in my side. I guess she’s just stretching, but she likes to do it the most when I’m walking around.

Monday I had a really bad day, and Dan came home with this lovely purple Orchid plant just for me. I love it, It’s so beautiful.